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Jimmy Lytle Grower

Jimmy is a third generation chile farmer with the legacy of being the son of Jim Lytle, the founder of the Big Jim variety of chile.

Jo has been blessed with the ability to sell.

She says, “I praise God that Jimmy grows a product that is addictive AND legal!”

Faron Lytle is a fourth generation farmer and grows the New Mexico 6-4 and the Sandia chile for us.

We grow delicious, 100% AUTHENTIC Hatch chile.

Here at Hatch Chile Express, believe the best chile is grown in New Mexico, the best chile in New Mexico is grown in Hatch, and the best chile in Hatch is grown on the Lytle Farms.



We use a simple process to grow, harvest, process, and ship our chile directly to your door! We provide the highest quality of chile straight from the Hatch Valley. Our chile varieties are known for their outstanding and distinct flavor:

The New Mexico 6-4

chili-pepper-64 HEAT: Mild (500 – 1,000 Scoville)

New Mexico 6-4 variety was developed by Dr. Roy Harper of NMSU and was released in 1957 to growers, processors, and fresh market vendors. NM 6-4 has become the number one chile used for both Green and Red Chile growers and processors and is still the favorite among consumers who desire the distinct flavor of mild New Mexico chile.

New Mexico 6-4 is the favorite of mild chile lovers due to its unique New Mexico chile flavor. Both of the Fresh Green and mature Red varieties of this chile make delicious chile dishes.


The Big Jim


HEAT: Medium (1,500 – 2,500 Scoville)

Big Jim variety, developed by Roy Nakayama of NMSU. James A Lytle of Hatch, NM did the field work under the supervision of Roy Nakayama. The New Mexico Crop Improvement Association released the original Big Jim variety in 1975 and named it Big Jim in honnor of James A. Lytle, who passed away in 1970.

Big Jim has uniform, medium pungency levels with a distinctly pleasing green chile flavor. A southwest favorite for making outstanding chile rellenos, green chile enchiladas, and many other flavorful green chile dishes. The fresh, red pod, when roasted and peeled, with their bright, red color, splendid fresh flavor, and touch of sweetness makes delicious, red chile sauce for a number of red chile dishes.

The dry, red chile pod makes wonderful red chile sauce as does the chile powder. Used in many dishes such as enchiladas, huevos rancheros, chile con carne, and other red chile recipes, Big Jim is our most requested chile variety due to its medium heat and the eye-appealing size of the chile pods.

The Sandia


 HEAT: Hot (3,000 – 3,500 Scoville)

New Mexico #9 was developed by Fabian Garcia in 1913 and was used in the development of the Sandia Chile by Dr. Roy Harper of NMSU by crossing the #9 with an Anaheim-type to produce the Sandia Variety. Sandia is one of the older varieties of chile that is grown in New Mexico.

Sandia is the hot variety of the New Mexico chile lines with a distinctly New Mexico green chile flavor. While in the fresh stage of maturity (and after drying), the fruit retains its high pungency level. This variety has been passed down for generations by New Mexicans and hot chile lovers the world over. Hot chile lovers say, “A day without chile is like a day without sunshine.”

The Lumbre


HEAT: XXX-Hot (35,000 Scoville)

Hatch Lumbre (fire) was developed and released by Jimmy and Faron Lytle in 2011, carrying on the tradition of making chile better and more flavorful. The Spanish word “lumbre” means fire…and we can guarantee the description matches the flavor!

Hatch Lumbre has uniform, extra-hot pungency levels and is the hottest of all New Mexico long green chile varieties. If you are looking for a New Mexico chile flavor that will burn you (emphasis on burn), THIS is the one. Not for the faint of heart!

Excellent use for the much-loved green chile stew and a supreme variety for your party salsa. Green or red has become the chile of choice for chile hot heads everywhere.